Ferrari Introduces New Car

Often it is all about the vehicle that is in the circuit.

Ferrari is one of the oldest and most successful racing companies in the world, is looking at bringing back their glory days once again with a new car model. This might be part of the team’s effort to get back to the top of the list on the seventieth anniversary year of the company. The last driver to have won the title for the company was about a decade back. That was when Kimi Raikkonen won the title in 2007. This year the company’s team has been busy testing a SF70H model that was put through extensive test runs in Spain to showcase lap times that promise to be record breaking. The name of the car model is an ode to the first version that was created by Enzo Ferrari back in 1947. The car has undergone much scrutiny as it has been driven around pit lanes. The car was also presented online with a low profile and it might be a ploy to keep the attention of the car till it makes its maiden run on March 26th.

The car might have performed well in test runs, but it might be a bit heavy footed when it starts off in a race. Many feel that Ferrari is sprucing up their skills in order to take on dominant teams like Mercedes in the opening race week. Indeed, even if the car does seem to be heavy footed, champions like Lewis Hamilton stated that the company probably has a few tricks up their sleeve which will be revealed when the real races begin. Even Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull agrees that Ferrari cannot be taken lightly. All such statements seem to promise a great run in the opening races which surely has the fans intrigued from before.