Ferrari Introduces New Car

Often it is all about the vehicle that is in the circuit.

Ferrari is one of the oldest and most successful racing companies in the world, is looking at bringing back their glory days once again with a new car model. This might be part of the team’s effort to get back to the top of the list on the seventieth anniversary year of the company. The last driver to have won the title for the company was about a decade back. That was when Kimi Raikkonen won the title in 2007. This year the company’s team has been busy testing a SF70H model that was put through extensive test runs in Spain to showcase lap times that promise to be record breaking. The name of the car model is an ode to the first version that was created by Enzo Ferrari back in 1947. The car has undergone much scrutiny as it has been driven around pit lanes. The car was also presented online with a low profile and it might be a ploy to keep the attention of the car till it makes its maiden run on March 26th.


Ferrari’s Middle East & Africa general manager, Giulio Zauner is very happy about the future of the company.

Ferrari started the car making business in 1947, the same year in which Europe was being rebuilt after her Second World War experience. Though as formidable as Ferrari was, the two-seater racer’s pioneering stage was actually unpromising, the company sold the 125 S to fund their car racing endeavors.

70 years later, Ferrari has become one of the most-recognized brands on planet, with a long list of exotic cars that excite everyone.

“As Ferrari, we really want to do something with clients, not just show off, this is not Ferrari. And I tell you, we will surprise. We cannot tell you more, but we will do something, let me say, outstanding,” Zauner said.

He explained that the since this year was such a remarkable milestone for the company, it will be packed with 12 months of activities and fun filled editions with several events spanning a total of 60 countries.


Speaking at the post-race press conference, Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari’s Formula One Team driver has stated that he was quite unimpressed by the tactics put up by the winner of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix held on Sunday, Lewis Hamilton.

Vettel had tagged the attempts made by Hamilton to back NicoRosberg into the pack as “dirty tricks” which he was not in the least impressed about.

Despite Hamilton finishing as the winner of the race, Rosberg had ended up as the crowned champion, which was one of the reasons why Hamilton had tried to back him up, first into the Red Bulls and thereafter, into the fast approaching Vettel.

Vettel had been the quickest in the lead pack due to the use of an alternate strategy. He was able to get close to Rosberg, after he had successfully dispatched Max Verstappen with five laps yet to go.

However, he was unable to get past Rosberg. Explaining during the post-race conference, Vettel had said,

“Daniel [Ricciardo] was fairly straightforward to pass, but when I arrived behind Max, I started to slide and the car got worse,”

Technical Structure Change By Ferrari

Ferrari is all set to take Formula One to the next level through its introduction of new tyres.

The compounds of the tyres are wider by 25 percent when compared to the existing ones. It would be introduced in the next season and hence it is now in a testing phase. The testing schedule took place this week at Fiorano with Esteban Gutierrez and Sebastian Vettel as the duties were shared with them on Monday and Tuesday.

The SF15-T that was used in 2015 by the Italian outfit has been modified for simulating the rule of 2017. The rear wing and front wing are wider than before. There were about 285 laps that were finished within the first 2 days of testing. For sessions in the morning, slicks were being used and intermediates were used on the water track. The front tyres were increased to 305 mm from 245 mm and the rears to 405 mm. Also, the aim was to cut up to 4 seconds of every lap.

Ferrari Introduces Changes In Car Designs Ahead Of Weekend Race

Ferrari has new technologies and design features that it unveils from time to time.

The recent efforts of the company were to launch a front wing innovative design for the vehicles that would be racing in Russia. It is probably a result of the first victory that the team achieved in Russia. The other innovations include a superior and more upgraded motor engine.

James Allison, technical director of the company, back from suffering a traumatic incident in his life following the death of his wife, has been instrumental in pushing for the changes. These changes are in response to challenge the opposing Mercedes team. The upcoming weekend race in Russia will see the new changes put into action. Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel would be flaunting new rides with these changes. Ferrari has informed most media sources of these changes being put in place for the upcoming races.