Ferrari’s Middle East & Africa general manager, Giulio Zauner is very happy about the future of the company.

Ferrari started the car making business in 1947, the same year in which Europe was being rebuilt after her Second World War experience. Though as formidable as Ferrari was, the two-seater racer’s pioneering stage was actually unpromising, the company sold the 125 S to fund their car racing endeavors.

70 years later, Ferrari has become one of the most-recognized brands on planet, with a long list of exotic cars that excite everyone.

“As Ferrari, we really want to do something with clients, not just show off, this is not Ferrari. And I tell you, we will surprise. We cannot tell you more, but we will do something, let me say, outstanding,” Zauner said.

He explained that the since this year was such a remarkable milestone for the company, it will be packed with 12 months of activities and fun filled editions with several events spanning a total of 60 countries.

Difficult Season Ahead For Ferrari

2014 had been a disappointing year for Ferrari as it was lagging behind Williams to fourth place. The current F1 principal of the team is going to be Maurizio Arrivabene who is a former liaison of Philip Morris. Lot of work in the mechanical department is being going on by Maurizio and he is doing his best to make things turn around.

He however, stated that it is not a magic wand which will change and turn around things in the favour of the team. He does not have faith in success of the individual rather he believes in collective effort. According to him drivers are like employees and hence should not be treated like celebrities. It is a team effort which is important as that is what drives towards success. Aim and focus should be to try and give their best at all times. 2015 is going to be a testing year for Ferrari.