Technical Structure Change By Ferrari

Ferrari is all set to take Formula One to the next level through its introduction of new tyres.

The compounds of the tyres are wider by 25 percent when compared to the existing ones. It would be introduced in the next season and hence it is now in a testing phase. The testing schedule took place this week at Fiorano with Esteban Gutierrez and Sebastian Vettel as the duties were shared with them on Monday and Tuesday.

The SF15-T that was used in 2015 by the Italian outfit has been modified for simulating the rule of 2017. The rear wing and front wing are wider than before. There were about 285 laps that were finished within the first 2 days of testing. For sessions in the morning, slicks were being used and intermediates were used on the water track. The front tyres were increased to 305 mm from 245 mm and the rears to 405 mm. Also, the aim was to cut up to 4 seconds of every lap.